11/16/01. Well, this is it. Kris, Matt and Guy informed Steve, Chris and Jason this morning that they no longer wish to continue in the band, and as such Soma is officially dissolved. Unfortunate, but the sad reality of the situation. The future plans of the guys are still uncertain, but a new group may rise from the ashes at some point. Steve wishes to continue writing and performing, so he will most likely be seen either with a new band or with a band composed of old Soma friends. Thanks to all the people who came to watch us perform, it was a blast. You won't hear "Can I Buy You a Drink" or "The Mirror" at coffeehouses anymore, but the spirit of the music will still be there. Music is the tie that binds. It's a universal language. And we are honored that, for a brief while, we were allowed to speak it. Peace and love.

-- Soma